Simple Diet Tips for a Healthy Life

6 Simple Diet Tips for a Healthy Life - Claudia GlamOne

Hello Babes.

Welcome back. Le’ts talk diet.

I feel like there’s so much noise in the fitness industry right now that is so easy to get overwhelmed. I mean the bullsh*t “healthy snacks” the diet trends the lies about detox tea. So much NOISE!

I’m a huge wellness and fitness fan and I have been for years now. I’ve gain a ton of knowledge over the years and I can smell lies when I see them. Eating healthy should be simple, right?

There are so many benefits to following a balanced diet, your skin improves, your weight, your appearance, your confidence, your overall energy. The benefits are endless.

I love maintaining an active healthy lifestyle because I truly believe is something that improves the quality of your life.

When I competed in fitness a few years ago, the most important thing I learned is that Fitness is forever. (I know shocker) Working out & eating healthy needs to be done for the rest of your life, sorry no quick gimmicks here.

Obviously, balance is everything. I truly believing in enjoying life as well, I love my cosmos, margaritas and pizza but is balance.

I am not by any way a nutritionist or trainer so always check with your doctor before applying any new techniques.


6 Simple Diet Tips for a Healthy Life (These tips actually matter)

Wan’t to look toned? You have to eat more protein:

Having protein with most of your meals is really important. If you are trying to build a little bit of muscle or tone is good to get in some good amounts of protein. Protein is a macronutient needed to build lean muscle. Protein also helps build and repair tissues. Protein can be found in most animal meats also in nuts. You definitely want to add some proteins if you want to start seeing some muscle and look more toned.

Water, water, water:

Water seriously has so many amazing benefits. It helps to hydrate you, makes you feel full so you don’t overeat. Water helps flush out toxins from the body, I sip on water all day. Drinking water is important because sometimes you are not hungry you might just be really thirsty. 

Stick to whole, unprocessed foods:

Your body needs nutrients lets get that clear. Whole, unprocessed foods contain the most nutrients and non of those nasty chemicals. Your body will be able to easily process these whole foods and keep you looking slim and healthy.

Load up on veggies & mix those greens up:

I love loading up my foods with veggies, it definitely helps make you full while consuming less calories. Also lots of fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. Your body needs all these nutrients and a great way to get them is through veggies. If you don’t have time to eat veggies all day, incorporate some green smoothies and give your body those much needed plant nutrients. Also, don’t just eat lettuce, mix it up eat kale, spinach, arugula.

Portion control is everything:

We live in a world where everything is supersized. Portions are HUGE. It’s important to practice portion control because eating too much of anything can make you fat. (Yeah a bag of almonds or 6 avocados can make you fat. Anything no matter how healthy needs to be portioned)

Check out this Portion Control Guide, it gives you a good image of what a food portion looks like.

Read the Label:

Forget calories for one minute and look at the ingredients on your food. Holy chemical sh*t load. Processed food with names you can’t even pronounce should only be consumed once in a while. Look at ingredients, look at sugar content, get smart about your choices.

Those yummy sweet yogurts you believe are healthy have as much sugar as a damn chocolate bar! Food for thought!

A healthy lifestyle is something to practice everyday, is not about being perfect is about eating things that will benefit your body and overall health. 

Do you guys have any tips you live by? Any questions? send them over to




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