7 Motivational Podcasts to Kick Start Your Day

7 Motivational Podcasts

A good morning routine can set the tone for your entire day. Anything from meditating, saying your daily affirmations, working out or even having a filling breakfast can make your day more productive. A good way to add some positive energy to your day is by listening to a motivational podcast on your commute to work. This can totally motivate you to kick ass, give you a different perspective on your goals or overall help you learn some new tips and tricks for your life and/or career.

Here’s a list of seven podcasts to kick start your day:

  • #AskGaryVee: Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk delivers an exciting podcast mixed with questions from his followers, live speakings to interviews with entrepreneurs and business minded celebrities. Gary Vee has been an entrepreneur for decades and not only delivers a powerful message to his audience he also has amazing energy that shows through in his voice. There is no way you don’t feel like kicking-ass after listening to one of his shows. He also mixes it up with his topics and guests on the show. Everything from influencers, to business people to athletes and rappers, Gary’s show delivers some serious motivation. Listen here


  • Dave Ramsey Show: I discovered Dave Ramsey via his Youtube videos and was seriously hooked. Dave’s show is all about finance and from his experience he discusses how to get out of debt, build and emergency fund and create habits that will last you for years. Dave answer’s his caller’s financial questions and doesn’t hold back, he provides realist answers and feedback. Great show to listen to if you need to get a start on getting your financial life in order. Listen here


  • Tony Robbins: Love Tony Robbins and his books are amazing at providing motivation to his readers. He talks about creating an extraordinary life and looking within to achieve your goals. Everything from motivational topics, life decisions and business advice, this podcast is perfect if you’re already a Tony fan. Listen here


  • The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast: If you are a blogger you must listen to this podcast. The skinny confidential had been blogging for 7+ years and has made a successful career out of it. In the podcast she talks about everything from blogging, healthy foods, beauty, and she brings on some amazing guest hosts that keep the show super diverse and entertaining. Listen here


  • The Tim Ferris Show: Author of the 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris brings us a motivational podcast. Everything from business talk, to morning rituals to time managing tricks. With past inspiring guests such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Foxx, this show is the perfect addition to your list if you are already a fan of Tim’s principals. Listen here


  • Mike Cernovich: Mike is super controversial and you might not agree with some of his beliefs but his podcast brings amazing helpful tools for mindset and achieving your goals. Mike went from Lawyer to blogger to author of Gorilla Mindset and more. His podcasts bring a mix of his opinions and insightful tips on how to reach an overall productive and fulfilled life. Listen here


  • How I Built This: An amazing podcast that interviews some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs and how they built their brand. Each episode interviews a different person and really gives us an in depth look at how they built their brand from scratch, their successes and failures and everything in between. Everything from Spanx’s creator Sara Blakely, to  Lyft’s John Zimmer, to Kate Spade’s Kate & Andy Spade to  AOL’s Steve Case. This podcast has an episode from everyone. The inspiring stories of all these great companies and how they started is truly motivational, this podcast gets really into detail and covers the ups and downs and the failures that not all customers get to see from their favorite brands. Listen here

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