Favorite Nude Nail Polish

Favorite Nude Nail Polish-2

A nude nail polish is so chic. It’s never out of style and perfect for every occasion; a wedding, the office, an event. I love sticking with nudes that have more beige tones, it just looks better on long nails. Nude colors with pink shades tend to look so good on short nails.  I love […]

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Simple Diet Tips for a Healthy Life

6 Simple Diet Tips for a Healthy Life - Claudia GlamOne

Hello Babes. Welcome back. Le’ts talk diet. I feel like there’s so much noise in the fitness industry right now that is so easy to get overwhelmed. I mean the bullsh*t “healthy snacks” the diet trends the lies about detox tea. So much NOISE! I’m a huge wellness and fitness fan and I have been […]

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Gifting Made Easy with A Thoughtfully Gift Set

Shopping for Birthday gifts can sometimes get so boring and tedious. Yawn!  I appreciate anything that can simplify life. I need something that’s easy and doesn’t involve spending 5 hours at a mall.  I came across Thoughtfully gift boxes which make it easy to send gifts to your friends and family.  This site is awesome, […]

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Energy Boosting Detox Smoothie

Energy Boosting Detoxing Green Juice

Hi guys, I’m obsessed with green juice smoothies. If you’ve checked out my twitter, you know that i’m always raving about them. There are so many wellness and beauty related benefits to drinking a natural green juice smoothie. I love making my own smoothies at home and decided to share this uber easy recipe I’m loving […]

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